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About Me


I am Michael Hartung, creator of The Mindful Developer. I work half as a Developer, half as a Scrum Master at a company called LeanLogistics. This split has given myself the ability to see our work from the point of view of development and business at the same time, and has allowed me to focus on the more social aspects of leading a development team. But enough about me, let’s talk about this site!

I created The Mindful Developer to be a resource for intermediate level developers, and new Scrum Masters. Through the learnings in my own career, it became obvious that the two largest hurdles new developers seem to encounter are working with and learning large codebases, and the working in a new team. The team aspect includes finding your niche in the team, and learning how to work with the people on the team. This will be the primary focus of this site, and I hope that I can help in making your team both happier and more efficient along the way.

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